Workington Council

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Workington Council wants to build a new library in the city to provide a reading place for the people who want to read different books, magazines etc. They want to create a digital management system to allow the people of library and the council staff to easy and efficient use.
They want the system to record the stock of the whole library: books, DVDs, CDs etc. it should also store the item details like author, publisher, title, date of issuance, date of return etc. They want to add, modify, generate invoices, delete items, delete entries, save the data of every student and every person who pick the book, issue the book or return the book to the library.
If an item is late the system should report on this, together with calculating any fines due for late return. It should also be possible to prevent a member from borrowing further items if the number of items late or the value of fines exceeds a pre-set amount for an individual member. It should be possible to generate email reminders which can be sent automatically to remind users they have overdue items to return.
It should also be possible to report on all the items loaned out to a member at any one point, together with all of the items loaned from the library. It should also be possible to report on the number of times that an item has been borrowed over a specified period, so that the library can assess use of resources.

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