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We live in the sporting capital of Australia, perhaps the world, sports news is a big area of
online interest and you will be focusing on it. So far this semester we have looked at HTML5
and generic templates for various categories of online sites, in this assignment we will look at
sports news with a heavy emphasis on delivering an enhanced user experience on the client
side. We will focus on the ‘World Game’, soccer or football depending on your terminology. You
will use the single page application (SPA) paradigm to implement a league/team explorer web application.
Data Sources:
In this assignment, you will explore sports data using an API on More details,
including examples can be found at Understanding
and working with API’s is a skill that you need to demonstrate here and in the workplace. Take
some time to understand it and try the examples.
Note: Use the “/documentation” examples to interrogate the structure, leagues and capabilities
before progressing onto integration tasks.

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