Chapter 9 – Diagram Consistent

1.What is diagram consistent?
-In your design, you must make sure the Use Case diagram, Sequence Diagram, Class Diagram, Object Diagram are consisted together

2.Elements to Be Consisted
-All the methods/use cases in these diagrams must be matched in the quantity and name. Any addition or remove of a method/use case in a diagram will cause other diagrams need to be adjusted.
-The methods/use cases name in use case diagram and class diagram must be 100% same. But, in the class diagram, we use smallCamel format.
-The methods/use cases name in the sequence diagram should be Verb or Verb phase, try to match the their names as in the use case diagram as much as possible.

3.Other Diagrams
-Activity Diagram is the natural flow of actions to complete a Use Case. An activity is a Verb or V phrase doesnt need to follow the consistence rule above.

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