Chapter 8 – State Machine Diagram

1.What is the State Machine Diagram?
-Each of object in the Class Diagram has an state diagram
-The state diagram is the sequence of state to describe on the changing of state of an object. For example, object seat can change from state available to hold, from hold to released, from hold to sold.
-The state diagram is usually visualize as a vertical model. The diagram has start point and end point. Each of state is denoted in a rectangle

2.Element of State Diagram
2.1 Start Point
-An state diagram is usually start with a big black point (NO CIRCLE ROUNDED)
2.2 State
-Each of state is visualized as a rectangle with Adjective inside. ONLY ADJECTIVE. MUST BE ADJECTIVE
2.3 Decision
-In the state diagram, we use the DIAMOND shape to indicate that the state will be branched
-Some UML tools use the horizontal bar for branching a state
2.4 End Poimt
-An state diagram is usually end with a big black point (WITH CIRCLE ROUNDED)

-We use the non-bold non-dash arrow to link states
-We need to add the words relationship on the arrow. And, this words MUST BE VERB OR VERBS PHRASE

4.Step to draw a State Diagram
-List all of the states
-Join these activities with relationship

App A: Note
-The adjective used in the state can be:
+verb-ing likes holding, releasing …
+verb-ed likes booked, released, …
-Passive verb likes sold, paid, …

App B: Sample

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