Chapter 7 – Activity Diagram

1.What is the Activity Diagram?
-Each of use case in the Use Case Diagram has an activity diagram
-The activity diagram is the sequence of actions to complete a use case
-The activity diagram is usually visualize as a vertical model. The diagram has start point and end point. Each of activity is denoted in a rectangle

2.Element of Activity Diagram
2.1 Start Point
-An activity diagram is usually start with a big black point (NO CIRCLE ROUNDED)
2.2 Activity
-Each of activity is visualized as a rectangle with Verb inside. ONLY VERB. MUST BE VERB
2.3 Decision
-In the activity diagram, we use the DIAMOND shape to indicate that the activity will be branched
-Some UML tools use the horizontal bar for branching a activity
2.4 End Poimt
-An activity diagram is usually end with a big black point (WITH CIRCLE ROUNDED)

-We use the non-bold non-dash arrow to link activities
-We need to add the words relationship on the arrow. And, this words MUST BE VERB OR VERBS PHRASE

4.Step to draw a Activity Diagram
-List all of the activities
-Join these activities with relationship

App A: Note

App B: Sample

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