Chapter 6 – Object Diagram

1.What is the Object Diagram?
-The object diagram is the diagram consist of objects of classes in the class diagram. Then, the object diagram will visualize on how these objects are interacted with each others in the system.

2.Element of Object Diagram
2.1 Object
-The object with three parts as object name, variable and method. The name will follow the syntax myBook:Book

-Depend on the interaction between the object, we draw the interaction relationship with Verb + N/N Phrase

4. Step to Draw the Object Diagram
-List the objects according to the classes in the class diagram
-Make the relationship between them

App A: Note
1.What is the different between the Object Diagram and the Class Diagram?
-In the class diagram will have interfaces, abstract classes, but in object diagram only has objects
-The class diagram will show how many classes we have in the system and relationship between them
-The object diagram will show objects in the system and how they are interacted

App B: Sample

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