How to use NinjaFirewall to Protect WordPress Site?

-Security is the most important part of a WordPress site. If you are using both iThemes Security and Wordfence but still need to improve safety for your site, you can consider NinjaFirewall
-NinjaFirewall is a free but robust plugin for experienced admin to config for WordPress Secutiry
-NinjaFirewall is an alternative to iThemes Security and Wordfence. It means that you should not use NinjaFirewall together with iThemes Security and Wordfence. You can choose to use between NinjaFirewall or the couple iThemes Security and Wordfence.
-iThemes Security and Wordfence is suitable for admin users with less background on the server configuration
-For admins with good knowledge on server configuration, they can consider to choose NinjaFirewall.
-And, to use NinjaFirewall, the host server need to support ModSecurity or Suhosin

1.What is NinjaFirewall plugin?
-By its name, we can know that this is a plugin to establish a firewall for WordPress site
-This plugin uses ModSecurity or Suhosin in the host server to protect for site. As we know. ModSecurity and Suhosin are the best security tools that used most in PHP system.

2.How NinjaFirewall protect WordPress site?

-Protect site from popular attacks as: Brute-Force attack, SQL Injection, Remote File Injection, Local File Inclusion, Cross-site Scripting, Backdoor, Shell Script, etc.
-Optimize resources using in site by NinjaFirewall but not decrease site speed
-Scan HTTP/HTTPS request send to site
-Scan cookies as well as site global variables
-Scan for files uploaded to server
-Protect HTTP Header to prevent attacks as: ClickJacking, Phishing, XSS
-Protect from spam bot and scanner

3.How to install NinjaFirewall?
-Before start to install the plugin, you must make sure that your host suppors the ModSecurity or Suhosin. You can contact your host provider to check for their support.
-After make sure that the server supports ModSecurity or Suhosin, then you can follow this to install a WordPress Plugin.

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