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-As we know that, social media like Facebook, Twitter are useful tools that help site to get more traffic.
-And, there is a fact that no matter how readers like the articles, they seldom like for that post. Therefore, many sites implement mechanism to enforce readers to Like the post to continue to read more.
-The mechanism can be to display a pop up to ask readers to like to read the article. Or, site owners can show first part of the article and hide for the rest. In this case, readers need to like to see full article
-The enforcement of reader to like to see the article sometimes can annoy readers. Therefore in some site, they just display the pop up for around 15 seconds. If readers still don’t want to like for the post, they can wait for this interval of time to let the pop up disappear to read full article.
-Even though, this is not the best way to increase the number of like for site’s social media. It also is not the best way to get more visitors for site. But, for the early of site, it can be one of the suitable choice to attract readers to site.
-If site owners still want to use this mechanism, they can consider to choose the plugin SocialPopUP

1.What is the WordPress SocialPopUP plugin?
-This is the plugin to help WordPress site to display a pop up to ask for reader like to continue for reading full article
-Reader can choose to wait for an interval of time to let the pop up disappear
-Or, site owners can use shortcode to hide some parts of article, ask readers to like to use them
-You can take a look at plugin:

2.How to use the WordPress SocialPopUP plugin?
-Install and active this plugin via Plugin menu
-Go to Main Settings to setup for plugin
-Use shortcode [[like-gate][[[/like-gate]] to hide parts of an article

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