Google New reCaptcha Style

-Captcha is an important feature that can help to protect site from spamming.
-There are many captcha plugins available for WordPress. But, some of them are difficult for users to key in.
-We can have captcha to require users to enter a string, or do a calculation.
-There are complex captcha strings that users cannot read. Or, captcha strings are displayed in the complex font style that not clear to see
-As an enhancement for those drawbacks, Google has released a new captcha plugin for WordPress called “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”
-In this captcha, users dont need to key in any strings, or do any calculation. All they need to do is to select relevant pictures follow the captcha required topic.
-You can use this plugin for all of forms as: comment form, registration form, login form, contact form, etc.

1.Register for Google Captcha Key
-To use this new captcha technology, you need to register for new Google site key. You cannot use the old key for previous captcha to this new captcha
-To register for a new key, please go to
-The page will redirect to Google account login page. You need to login to continue
-Then, you should direct to the register page, you need to fill in all the relevant data to get the site key.

2.Install “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”

-You need to install the plugin first, follow to install a plugin
-For the plugin information, you can take reference at
-You need to active to use the plugin.
-Then, in the plugin configuration page, you need to enter the site key for verification
-In the display section, plugin will display all of available forms in your sites such as comment form, contact form, registration form, login form, etc.
-For each form, you can set for the captcha verification process.

By looking at sites, you will notices that most of sites have changed to this new captcha feature. With this new captcha style, users spend less time for verification. It is much more convenience than old read-and-key-in captcha style while can improve the site security also.

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