How to Clear unused Image in WordPress?

-After using for a long time, there are a lot of unused images existed in WordPress. These images occupy much of memory space and can decrease your site speed.
-Buy delete unused images, it can save your disk space for other storing.
-You should know that, for every image that you upload into WordPress, WordPress will automatically generates different types of image sizes for different purposes. Thus, for a long time, the number of redundant images are huge.
-And, for a new plugin install, it may create some images. Yet, you can go to each of folder to delete for images. But, how many folders should we go? We cannot manually delete images, we should have a automatic mechanism for removing.
-For all of above reasons, Image Cleanup plugin is the best suitable plugin to help us to discard all unnecessary images.

1.What is Image Cleanup plugin?
-This is the plugin to help to remove unused images in WordPress to save disk space as well as to speed up site loading
-We can take a look at this plugin:
-To use the plugin, you should install it using the Plugin menu then activate it

2.How Image Clean up Process to Clean Unused Images?

-Image Clean up will find all of images that no linked to any posts and pages to remove them
-You can choose to remove all these images or just move them in another folder so that you can review them or restore them.

In general, Image Cleanup is a useful plugin to help us to save disk space. But, there are some cases that you don’t want to delete a images, you just want to scale it in a suitable size so that you can display it. Optimizing images is an important mechanism to speed up time loading for a page. There is a good WordPress Image Optimizing plugin called WP Smush.

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