WordPress – Show HTML Code as Text in the Post

1.HTML Tag
There are sometimes in some posts, you need to show the HTML tags or shorcode as normal text. But, when you save it and view the post, these tags and short code definitely displayed with their functionality, not as normal text.

For example:
You want to display the <b> in the post, but this tag will bold all the text in the post

We should know that, WordPress Editor will automatically render all the HTML tags and shortcode. If you want to display it, you should find another way

HTML provides a list of HTML Character Entities to help you to print the HTML tag to posts

HTML Special Text

We just follow the special character above to print the HTML tag as text in the post.

Like the HTML tag, the shortcode is also in the same manner. When you are writing a tutorial or a guide, then you need to display the shortcode to the post. But, the shortcode will be rendered and displayed as its functionality, not a normal text. Unlike the HTML, display shortcode as a text is simple, you do not need to use any special character. All you need to do is double the open bracket [[ and closing bracket ]].

For example:
if you want to display [shortcode] as a text, you should use as [[shortcode]]

Above are sample tips that can help WordPress Editor easier in writing for posts that have HTML tags and shorcode embedded. The using of the tags, shortcode as text will help to proper visualize the post so that readers can easy to catch up the meaning that author trying to explain.

These tags and shortcode tips above are tested and working fine with WordPress Editor. If you find any issues in using this approach, there may be an incompatible in the Editor version. You should update the editor and give a try again.

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