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Given the database description below:
Tb_Supplier(Supp_ID, Name, City, State)
Tb_Consumer(Con_ID, Name, City, State)
Tb_Product(Prod_ID, Name, Product_Category, Product_Line, Product_Packaging)
Tb_Offers(Supp_ID, Prod_ID, Quantity, Price)
Tb_Requests(Con_ID, Prod_ID, Quantity, Price)
Tb_Transactions(Tran_ID, Supp_ID, Con_ID, Prod_ID, Quantity, Price)

1) Product categories and number of products in each category?

2) Cities having at least 5 different consumers?

3) Cities and number of product types offered in city?

4) List of states and number of car suppliers in each state?

5) Product name and quantity offered in each city?

6) Supplier name and quantity of TV sold in each consumer city?

7) Supplier-consumer-product names such that supplier is selling product to consumer with total value of

8) Supplier-consumer cities and product names such that suppliers in first city are selling product to

9) States where the number of suppliers exceeds the number of consumers?

10) Comparative list of supplier states and cities versus consumer states and states and cities with

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