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Consider the following relational database that Best Airlines uses to keep track of its mechanias, their skills, and their airport locations. Mechanic number (MECHNUM), airport name (AIRNAME), and skill number are all unique fields. SIZE is an airports size in acres. SK1LLCAT is a skits category, such as an engine skill, wing skill, tire skill, etc. YEARQUAL is The year that a mechanic first qualified in a particular skill; PROFRATE is the mechanics proficiency rating in a particular skill.

1. List the names and ages of all of the mechanics
2. List the airports in California that are at least 20 acres in size and have opened in or after 1935.
3. List the airports in California that were opened before 1950. Order the results from smallest to largest airport.
4. Find the average size of The airports in California (Hint: use avg)
5. How many airports have been open in California in or after 1935? (Hint: use count)
6. List the names of the mechanias who work in California.

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