Le Corked Restaurant Analysis and Design

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1.Nicholas Ventola is the General Manager for the world-famous Le Corked restaurant. His information system was developed over time and, as it exists now, it consists of two computer systems that do not communicate with one another. One system handles reservations and maintains a database of customers’ preferences (likes, dislikes, and food allergies), birthdates and anniversaries, and other information. The other system assigns each party to a table on a given night. In your group use a top-down approach to identify the modules that would be necessary to accomplish everything Nicholas wants to do using only one computer system, from making reservations to ordering food. From your own experience, determine what systems are necessary to operate a fine dining establishment, and then describe the modules and how and when you would use them.

2.Your systems analysis team is close to completing a system for Meecham Feeds. Roger is quite confident that the programs that he has written for Meecham’s inventory system will perform as necessary, because they are similar to programs he has done before. Your team has been very busy and would ideally like to begin full systems testing as soon as possible.

3. Propose a revised testing plan for Meecham Feeds (Problem 6). Break down your plan into a sequence of detailed steps.

4.Cramtrack, the regional commuter train system, is trying to train users of its newly installed computer system. For the users to get the proper training, the systems analysts involved with the project sent a memo to the heads of the four departments that include both primary and secondary users. The memo said in part, “Only people who feel as if they require training need to make reservations for offsite training; all others should learn the system as they work with it on the job.” Only 3 of a possible 42 users signed up. The analysts were satisfied that the memo effectively screened people who needed training from those who did not.

5.“Just a little longer…I want to be sure this is working correctly before I change over,” says Buffy, the owner of three bathroom accessories boutiques called Tub ’n Stuff. Her accountant, who helped her set up a new accounting information system, is desperately trying to persuade Buffy to change over completely to the new system. Buffy has insisted on running the old and new systems in parallel for an entire year.

6.Draft a plan to perform Web traffic analysis for the ecommerce application developed for Marathon Vitamin Shops. (See Consulting Opportunities 1.1, 13.2, and 14.5 for more information about the organization, their products, and their goals.) Your plan should take the form of a written report to the owner of the chain, Bill Berry. Be sure to indicate what statistics you will monitor and why they are important for Marathon Vitamin Shops to know.

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