Chapter 34 – WordPress – What is Domain?

1.What is Domain?
+We can understand a domain for a website just like a house-number-address for a house
+Every host has an IP to let users can access into. But, it is so difficult to remember this IP and no secure to disclose this IP. Therefore, we will use domain name as alternative way to access host. “Click here to learn more about host
+Example of domain as:,

2.Flow of access host by domain name
+When we enter a domain name, it will go to the Domain Name Server (DNS) that we declare in the domain
+In this DNS, it will find the host belongs to this domain name to let us to access to host
+If the domain and host in the same provider, we do not need to config for DNS
+If the domain and the host in different providers, we need to declare the domain name to the host. Then, the DNS must be the DNS of the host provider, not the DNS of the domain seller provider

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