Chapter 31 – WordPress – What is host?

1.What is Host?
+We can understand a host as a space to contain stuffs. Stuffs here are your images, videos, websites, etc.
+Host is just like a house that we stay inside
+When a site is put in a host (or we usually said a site is hosted by host ABC), then a site can have incoming and outcoming access
+Depend on the usage of host as Database host, or Application host, the database server software and application server software is installed.

2.What is Server?
+In the meaning of PHYSICAL server, a server is a REAL physical machine that we use to host for databases or websites
+In real world, a physical server is really powerful. Therefore, admin usually use software as VMWare to create logical machines inside it. It means that inside a physical machine, we can have many logical/virtual machines/servers.

3.Host V.S Server
+When we are taking about host, it is usually about the logical host
+When we are talking about server for a site, a database, it ALSO in the meaning of host
+The term server only can be understood as a physical server when we impress that we are talking about physical server
+The term server also can be understood as server software that installed into a host

4.Three Host Types
There are three types of hosts as:
+Dedicated Server: there is no logical hosts on this physical server. If you rent this server, it is just for you. This kind of server is suitable for large traffic sites
+Virtual Private Server (VPS): this is logical hosts in a physical server. You still have the right to control the host, but it is not as powerful as the dedicated server
+Shared Host: the most common used host. There are many shared hosts created in a dedicated physical server. Unlike the Virtual Private Server, shared host have a very limited access to the physical server resources

5.Host Requirement to run WordPress
+To be able to host/run a WordPress site, a host must:
Use the Linux Operation System
Use PHP version 5.3 or newer
Use MySQL version 5 or newer

6.Recommended Hosts for WordPress
There are some host providers that we can reference as: Site5, StableHost, A2Hosting, InmotionHosting

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