Chapter 28 – WordPress – User Management

As we know that the WordPress is a CMS. Therefore, we can create users to manage it. We can create users with different permissions to access to WordPress

1.User Management
+To access User Management, on the left menu, we click on “Users” > “All Users”
+Here, we can add or delete a user
+We also can change the role of users here

2.How to add a new User into WordPress?
+On the left menu, we click on “Users” > “Add New”
+Then, we need to fill in all the required information to create a user
+It is important that we need to select an appropriate role for a user to let this user has enough permissions to do actions as well as prevent this user for unauthorized actions.

3.What is a Role?
+A role in WordPress defines actions that users in that role can do
+WordPress has roles:
~Administrator: the highest role, users in this role can control everything in site
+Editor: users in this role cannot access setting features. But they can read and write posts. They can publish their posts as well as posts by other authors
+Author: users in this role can read, write posts, and only can publish their posts.
+Contributor: author in this role can only read, write but cannot publish any post
+Subscriber: user in this role can only read posts

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