Chapter 17 – WordPress – Media Management

1.What are media types can be stored in WordPress?
WordPress can store various media types as Image, Audio, and Video.

2.How to Add media to WordPress?
We have two ways to upload media and use it in WordPress:
+We can upload media in media management section > Then add it later in a Post or a Page.
+We can upload media while we composing a Post or a Page. <<Click to Review >>

3.Add Media in WordPress Media Management
+On the Left Menu Bar > Click on Media > Click on Library

+On the Media page, Click on Add New

Click on Select Files > Then browse for the Media file in your local PC

When finished, the media will be appear in the top most left of the listing.
We can double click on the media to edit for its meta data.
We now can use the media to Posts and Pages. <<Review to use it in Post or Page>>

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