Chapter 16 – WordPress – Post Comment

1.What is Post Comment?
+Comment is a feature in WordPress to allow communication between post readers.

+Reader can add the comment. Fill in name and email. Then Submit the comment to show on the Post
+Be default, all the comments will be moderated by admin before they are shown on the post

2.Comment Setting
+WordPress admin can access Comment Setting at
Settings > Discussion

+The Discussion Page will be shown as

+Some of attributes that we need to focus as
++Comment author must fill out name and email: Ask people to give name and email for comments
++Users must be registered and logged in to comment: Ask users to register to be able to give comments
++Comment must be manually approved: Moderate a comment before it is shown in the post
++A comment is held for moderation: Email admin when there is an comment is held for moderating

+Avatar Section
We can select to show the Avatar for account or not .
And, we can select the Avatar to show

3.Comment Management
+At the Left Menu > Click on Comments to show all Comments waiting for moderating

+The comment management screen is shown

+We can Approve a Comment, or Mark it as Spam, or Trash it.

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