Chapter 14 – WordPress – Set Static Homepage for Website

1.What is Static Page?
+There are places in website that we want to put static pages as Home, About, Contact, Policy, etc
+These are places that we should use WordPress Page, rather than WordPress Post.
+<Click to Review Differences Between Post and Page>

2.Set Static Page as Website Homepage
+First, we need to create a page. <Click to review to Create a Page>
+Click on Settings > Reading

+We will see the Reading Settings Page
+Select “A Static Page” >  At Front Page drop down menu, Choose the Page to become your Website Homepage
+Leave the Posts Page drop down menu Blank

+Click on Save Changes button to make the static page to become Homepage

+Go to the site
You will see the homepage shows static page, not lists recent posts as default

1.If I set the static page as Homepage, and I still want to show recent posts on another page, is it possible?
Yes, you can do it.
<Click to Review to show Recent Posts on Static Page>

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