Chapter 13 – WordPress – Post Hidden Feature

1.What are WordPress Post Hidden Features?
+Depend on the theme, WordPress will support features on Post
+Some features are important, but they are in advance level. So, they are hided

2.How to Access Post Hidden Feature?
+At the Top Right corner of screen > Click on Screen Options

+We will see all hidden features listed

+Check to select the feature or uncheck to remove the feature

3.Hidden Features
3.1 Excerpt
+This feature to show the summary for the Post
+By default, we WordPress will take some of words in the beginning  of the post to be the summary

3.2 Send Trackbacks
+If your post use the URL of Post A of Website W > Send Trackbacks will send notify to Website W to let Website W shows your Post URL at the end of Post A

3.3 Customer Fields
+Add more meta data fields to describe more for post

3.4 Discussion
+Configure for comments and trackbacks

3.5 Slug
+Customize the URL for the Post

3.6 Revision
+Show post revision
+Click to Review about Post Revision

+View comments for post
+Manage and Reply for comments

3.8 Format
+Select appropriate format for the post

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