Chapter 9 – WordPress – Creating a Post

1.What is a WordPress Post?
-A post is simple an article that you want to show to viewers on the website
-A post will belong to a Category

2. So, what are differences between post and page in WordPress?
-Posts are belong to a Category
-Page can be attached to the website menu to become menu as Home, About Us, Contact Us, etc
-Post cannot be attached directly to website menu. Category will be attached in the menu, and posts belong to the Category will be shown all

3. Step to Create a Post
Click on Post > Add New

You will see the Post screen

In this part, you need to enter:
+The title of the post.
+Using the editor, compose the article and format it

Next, at the Sharing part > Check on the checkbox to make the post to be shared on social media

On the Feature Image, set the image for the post. This will be shown as the thumbnail of the post

On the Tags part, choose around 3 to 5 keywords that most meaning for the post
Every keyword is separated by comma.

At the Category part, choose categories that most suitable for the post (Review on create a category)
The post will appear on categories that you are checking

At the Publish part, you will see buttons
+Save: save the post, not published yet.
+Publish: publish the post to the website and to all of social media
+Update: after a post is published, when you edit a post, you will see this button to update the change.

Finally, press on the domain name on the top left > Visit Site > Locate at the Category to see the post is shown in site.

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