Chapter 7 – WordPress – Main Features

In this chapter, we will take a look at main feature of WordPress:

1.Quick Notification Bar

-We can get to the Front End by Click on the Domain Name > Visit Site
-We can check for update as WordPress update, theme update or plugin update
-We also can quick access to new Post or other feature dashboard

2.Profile Menu Bar

-This is the bar menu in the top right corner to let us to quick access to the user profile

3.Main Menu
The menu in the left hand side that includes:
+Dashboard: Provide an overview of the WordPress CMS
+Post: Enable us to create categories and posts
+Media: Enable us to upload media as photo, video, music, etc.
+Page: Enable us to create pages
+Comment: Enable us to manage comments that visitors made on site
+Feedback: Enable us to manage feedback that visitors made on site
+Appearance: Enable us to manage theme, menu, widget, etc.
+Plugin: Enable us to manage plugins
+User: Enable us to manage WordPress users
+Tool: Enable us to manage tools using within WordPress
+Setting: Enable us to do the setting for WordPress

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