Chapter 6 – WordPress – and

When you do the searching on the Internet about WordPress, you will find that there are two big WordPress sites as and So, what are differences between them.

1.What is WordPress.ORG?

-This is the site to manage and release the source code of WordPress CMS
-You can download the source code and then personalize it
-You can host the WordPress in any hosts
-You can use any themes and plugins from third parties

2.What is WordPress.COM?

-This site offer you a place to create free blog using WordPress
-If you just need a simple blog or website, you can use this free plan from WordPress.COM
-By using free plan, you just have a site with sub domain on WordPress like
-If you want your site to have a personal domain, you can upgrade to other charged plans
-And, no matter free or charged plan you are using, by using WordPress.COM, you cannot use themes or plugins from third parties.

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