Chapter 5 – WordPress – Install WordPress on XAMPP

For the last chapter, we have learned on how to install XAMPP
Next, we will install WordPress on XAMPP

1.Prepare Location
-We should know that location to place web projects on XAMPP is “C:\\xampp\htdocs”
-In this tutorial, we will create a folder called MyWordPress to hold the WordPress CMS. So, we have “C:\\xampp\htdocs\MyWordPress”

2.Download WordPress from WordPress.ORG
-Download the latest WordPress at
-Unzip the compress file
-Go into the folder, until you reach the folder “wordpress”
-Inside “wordpress” folder, you will see folders and files as
wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-content
index.php, wp-config-sample.php
These are files that we need to copy
-Copy ALL folders and file in “wordpress” folder to “C:\\xampp\htdocs\MyWordPress”

3.Setup for WordPress
-Open the XAMPP and start for the Apache and MySQL service as guide in last chapter (Click here to review).
-Open the web browsers as Chrome or FireFox and access to http://localhost/MyWordPress

Choose English and Continue

On the next screen, pls click on the Let’s go button to go next to the Database Configuration screen

In the database configuration screen, we enter the information as:
+Database Name: mywordpressdb (Click here to review database setup)
+User Name: root
+Password: “the default MySQL password is empty, so make this field blank”
+Database Host: localhost
+Table Prefix: wp_

Click on Submit button > then the Run the Install button

Next, we will set the parameter for the WordPress site:
+Site Title: The title of the site
+Username: the username that we will use to access the WordPress CMS. IMPORTANT
+Password: the password that we will use to access the WordPress CMS. IMPORTANT
+Email: enter your email

Click on Install WordPress button for the system to automatically install the WordPress

If WordPress is installed successful. you will see the screen with the Success and the Login form to login into the Administration Panel
Enter the username and password that you just define in the last step to enter the admin page

Congratulation, you have successful installed WordPress at http://localhost/MyWordPress

1.Do we need to start Apache and MySQL on XAMPP before using WordPress?
Yes, this is a must for running WordPress on localhost using XAMPP

2.What is the URL address for WordPress Back End Administration?

3.Do we need account to enter the WordPress Back End Administration?
Yes, you must use the username and password you defined during the installation

4.What is the URL address for WordPress site?

5. If I develop WordPress offline in localhost, then can I move all to online host?
Yes, totally can.

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