Chapter 3 – WordPress – Install Local Server XAMPP

As we discussed in the last chapter, we will installed WordPress on XAMPP. And, in this tutorial, we will use Microsoft Windows 7.
Note: Please turn off your Skype when using XAMPP. If you want to use Skype, you must start XAMPP first, then Skype.

1. Download XAMPP
-Please go to the site to download for XAMPP
-Choose the OS version and the bit version that suitable for your environment. In this tutorial, we will choose the XAMPP for Windows 7, 64 bit
-Download the setup file and save it on your Desktop

2.Step by Step Install XAMPP
Double Click on the XAMPP setup file downloaded on Desktop

Click on the Next button

Choose the Setup location for XAMPP

Follow Next until you finish the setup.

3. Start XAMPP
Click on Start > All Program > XAMPP > XAMPP Control Panel to start the server

Click on start button on service that you want to start
In this tutorial, we need to start the Apache and MySQL service

Open WebBrowser as Chrome or FireFox, access to http://localhost or http://127.0.1
We will see the default page of XAMPP

Congratulation, you have successful installed XAMPP on your PC.

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